Sunday, October 26, 2014

What a Shoot!

I apologize for being so absent from LucysBuzz. I could blame it on writer’s block, or the fact that I’ve been busting my hump editing images and designing albums. Part of the problem was; what photos would I choose from the thousands to put into LucysBuzz?

I was overwhelmed. We all get there at one time or the other, don’t you think? It was one of you, my readers, who told me that I hadn’t put up a blog since September 28. So, on her urging, I promised I’d put one up today.

Lipton took all these photos. He went to Galle and met a foreign couple there and spent the day and into the sunset hour with them. We were both excited that he was going to Galle. It was our first romantic shoot in Galle and our imaginations were bursting with places for great photos. Luckily this couple, Timur and Alvetina, were ready for the adventure!

Below are just some of the photos. Lipton took 400+ photos and I had a blast editing them, anxious to see the next one and the next one and the next one.

It feels good to be back on LucysBuzz. I hope it is for you, too! Feel free to leave comments! You do have to sign up for Google, but it’s not all that hard. Cheers!

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