Friday, January 29, 2016

Yes! It’s True!

Yes, I am leaving Sri Lanka, my home for the past 13 years. I now have 2 great grandsons (5 months and 20 months), whom I haven’t met and it’s time to meet them and be their Great Grammie!

My grandson and the youngest of my great grandsons!

When the idea came up for me to go, both Lipton and I were overwhelmed with sadness. After all, we’ve been together as photo partners, mentor and student, ‘mother and son’, and best friends for these 13 years. How would we manage without each other? And how would Lipton manage without 10-year-old Toby, our Rhodesian Ridgeback who we’ve had since he was 6 weeks old? Yes, I am taking Toby with me. There is no way I can leave him. No way.

And what about ShadeTree Productions?

We began our wedding photography venture 12 years ago. Our first wedding was in Bentota with an English/Sri Lankan/Australian couple. It was a two-day shoot and on the morning of the wedding I started shooting at 9AM. By 11PM that night I was knackered and I handed the camera over to Lipton and said, ‘I’m tired, you shoot.’ He had never shot an event before, but he didn’t hesitate and began shooting the dancing shots. Turns out his photos looked just like mine – we were totally in sync! The couple didn’t leave the reception until 2AM and Lipton shot that whole time. It was awesome. And we were off and running; ShadeTree Productions was born!

So, what about ShadeTree Productions now? It will still continue, stronger than ever. Lipton has teamed up with Jéshàñ D Nįthįyanandán, a fabulous photographer who recently returned from Melborne. They are calling themselves: ShadeTree Productions & J&M photography. The new office/studio will be in Borella. They will continue doing wedding photography and videography, portrait photography, events and even birthdays.

They have a full time photo editor and album designer. She’s fabulous! And, of course they have female photographers and videographers for the Muslim Weddings and Waleemas. They even have a hair and makeup artist in ShadeTree Productions & J&M photography – J&M Makeover Studio! So all is good to go!

Check out Lipton and Jéshàñ's fashion photo shoot at our new studio! Many thanks to Buddhi Batiks and Mondy for their fabulous outfits for the shoot.

Love the shoes!

Ooh la la!

Wow - the look!

To book your weddings, homecomings, waleemas, all your events; call Lipton at 0777.387735. Lipton and Jéshàñ will capture your moments!

As for me?
I’m going to live in San Francisco and I’ll do photography of some sort. Maybe start a ShadeTree Productions California. And I’ll visit my family and continue Lucy’s Buzz! Plus, I will always be part of ShadeTree Productions & J&M photography!

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