Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Feel Good is GOOD!

I haven’t written LucysBuzz lately because I’ve been too ticked off at world events, racism, idiot politicians (around the globe) and the lack of gun control. I did begin a blog the other day but it turned out to be a rant! So I scrapped it.

What have I been doing? I’ve been dreaming of building a garden – but I don’t know if I should use wood, bricks or concrete pieces. My gardener is steering me away from wood, which is what I really want, because of the cost and the problem with termites. So, I’ll wait, until the answer comes, and dream about what veggies I’ll plant.

Much of my daily time, when not photographing, is taken up by designing wedding albums. I did a 52-page album the other day (actually it took me 4-5 days to do it) and sent the proofs to the bride’s mother. She loved it and did not make one change! That was awesome! We did the Waleema for the same family – the brother this time and out of 36-pages there were only 6 changes. Not too bad. Makes my job easier.

There's no formula for me designing albums. Each design comes to me as I look at the photos that the couples have picked, the colors, and the couple’s wishes. It just evolves. I like my work. One of these days I want to do a completely black and white album! My job is creative and I especially like it when the couple and their families are thrilled with the album. It’s a feel good thing. Better than thinking about politics, the poor state of stray dogs, murder and mayhem.

Feel good is GOOD!

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