Friday, September 4, 2015

What a Hunk – Perks of a Photographer!

Lipton says he always looks at a female client as just that - a client; someone he makes look as beautiful as possible. I do, too. But when Hass Perera came to us for a portrait shoot for his ‘High Octane Fitness’ Spin Class, I couldn’t help that my heart pounded a hell of lot faster.

Hass is a rugby player and has the body to prove it, plus with some great looks thrown in!

Lipton took most of the photos but I couldn’t help taking some of my own – getting Hass’s rugged good looks on camera.

A total Mr. Universe pose!!!

To join Hass’s Spin Class at ‘High Octane Fitness’ in Nugegoda (Monday 7:10am, Friday 7:10am & 7:30pm), contact him at: 0777.776983, or just show up. He does private training as well!

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