Friday, April 1, 2016

What a Difference a Mac Makes!

A friend is letting me use his computer. A PC. I first scraped the dust off it and cleaned the keyboard so I could see the letters. Now, I'm not ungrateful. It is nice to have a computer but I'm finding that finding my way around a PC is giving me headaches.

For example; I don't know how to get my photos from my iPhone onto the laptop. Or how to download my pictures from my Canon camera. I'm finding it easier to figure out public transport in San Francisco than PC-syncing with my iStuff. Its even more difficult than figuring out what trash goes into what recyling bin. Or finding the spellcheck to spell recycling properly (hey, I got it right this time!)

THEY say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I've always thought THEY were wrong, but in this case THEY might be right. I've been a Mac girl for a good 25, maybe 35 years. Could be longer --seems I can't sync my brain to the PC either. I just can't make the switch!

The hunt is on for what Mac computer to buy. If I was searching on a Mac, it would automatically point to the proper one. This crusty old PC won't even tell me where a Mac Store is!

So, the search goes on!!

Note: Sorry no photos.The blue chair at the top is something I took off the internet to buy online. Thought I'd put something up there! Next blog I'll either write it on my iPhone, which gives me access to photos or write it on a new Mac computer.

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