Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pee Wee Bans Smoking!

I recently found a website of the newspaper, The Northville Record, in my hometown where I grew up. I clicked and clicked for hours on the site to find articles about my mother. She was very active in the community and very active with feeding the birds, scribing for the blind, adopting stray dogs, gardening, and was always written about in the paper.

There was one story I especially wanted to find – the story about our pet bird; a Grackle (or crow blackbird). Pee Wee. That bird was such a character and a crazy member of our family. My favorite memory was of Pee Wee digging into my mother’s pack of cigarettes and strutting around the table with the cigarette hanging out of his beak. Very funny! And once tired of strutting, he’d rip apart the cigarette. He apparently didn’t think smoking was good for my mom’s health!

I wish I had been a photographer back then and had gotten a picture of it!

Unfortunately the picture in the paper isn’t very good quality, but you get the idea.

PS—check out the price of lobsters in the ad below the article!

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