Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hey Mr. President! Thanks for coming to our super Elegant, Fun Wedding!

As I edit the wedding photos of Hiruni and Surath, I am reminded of what wonderful human beings they are. Hiruni’s smile makes me smile. Seeing Surath get wrapped in the traditional Kandyian men’s wedding outfit – the Mul Anduma - makes me laugh. He was having such a good time with his mates.

When we first met the couple, Hiruni told us that Harris Wijesinghe was going to be her dresser. We were thrilled, as we love Harris. Then she told us that he had dressed her mother for her mother’s wedding to her father 34 years ago and we just couldn’t believe it. So, Hiruni brought us the treasure albums that showed a very much younger Harris dressing up Hiruni’s mother. Super! Lipton took phone photos of them just for proof.

Hiruni also told us that the President was coming to the wedding. I thought for sure that we’d have to go through a security check like with did for the previous president. But no. We were good to go!

Exciting night. The Budawatte Traditional Kandyan Dance Troupe were spectacular in three different dances. Hiruni and Surath chatted with friends from around the world. Everyone was up and chatting before dinner. It was festive.

Then President Maithripala Sirisena arrived. Out came the cameras, cameras, cameras! Guests from 19 countries crowded around him, so happy to get close to him. I had asked Hiruni earlier if she’d take a photo of me with the President and she said she doubted she could but that I could photo bomb one with him and the couple! Like that would happen.

But I did suggest to Lipton to get a picture of the President in the foreground and me in the background. He said, ‘No way! Not professional!’ I didn’t care about professional; I just wanted the photo!

Later I saw my landlord speaking with the President and so I tapped my landlord on the shoulder and asked, ‘Could you introduce me?’ Not a second's hesitation, Dr. Ravi introduced me to the President and said some things in Sinhala and the President was quite gracious and shook my hand and said something to me. I later asked my landlord said to him and he replied, ‘I told him you were my tenant and that I couldn’t get you out of my house!’ Pretty funny joke, Dr. Ravi!

After that I asked Lipton and Tai if they’d gotten a picture of me with the President. They nodded, but I’m still looking for them as I edit the pictures!

Things calmed down after the President left. The dance troupe danced again. Dinner was served and I must admit that the food was so good, that I ate too much. I normally don’t eat wedding food as it’s too rich, but the salads and the desserts called me back for seconds, but I just couldn’t go for more. I was too full.

After dinner the Manoj Peiris band cranked the music up and the crowd rocked out! It was a blast. I should have joined in the dancing and worked off all that yummy food that I eaten!

Check out the festivities. I know I put a lot of photos up, but I did cut them down from 115! Read and share!

Harris doing his magic!

The two brides that Harris has perfected - Mother and daughter!

International retinue.

Decor by Lassana Floral.

Here comes the President!

The cameras come out!

My landlord introducing me to the President!

Great photo.

Dance time!

The Budawatte Traditional Kandyan Dance Troupe.

Happy dance!

Oh oh, time to foam!

The getaway kiss!

The getaway car!

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