Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It’s Toby’s Birthday Today!

Today is Toby’s 9th birthday. He’s been my shadow since he was 6-weeks old. At that time, he used to climb up and snuggle with his head tucked up on my shoulder. Now that he’s 48kilos he sits next to me rather than on me, unless firecrackers are cracking and bombing. Then, he sits on my lap and gets as close as he can.

Now that he’s a 9-year-old Ridgeback, he has a gray muzzle, but he’s still a youthful, playful goof! Although he does like to sleep a lot. In the morning, when Lipton (you know Lipton; my adoptive Sri Lankan son – and photo partner) and I are having coffee on the veranda, Toby comes to me to get his backend rubbed and goes to Lipton to get his head scratched and kissed. I’m not sure how or why that came about, but it is what it is and it ain’t gonna change!

Lipton is Toby’s playmate. The minute Lipton shows up, Toby wants to play hide-and-seek, or play chase with him. The favorite is; Lipton hiding his hand under a sheet and Toby pouncing on it. Lipton usually ends up crying ‘Uncle’ when Toby gets too rough.

Saturday, my German friend Tina, is coming for a 2-week visit. She used to be scared to death of all dogs, but over the years has grown quite fond of Toby. It’s her birthday on Sunday, so we are having a joint birthday party for Toby, Tina, Lipton’s girlfriend (as a belated birthday party), and me (also as a belated birthday party).

Since Toby can’t eat chocolate, we’ll have to figure out an alternative cake that he can celebrate with. Any suggestions? Actually Toby loves to eat what we eat, so a cake just for him isn’t really necessary. Just give him a cooked carrot, a slice of orange – a chunk of chicken! – and he’s in heaven!

Photos of Toby are spread out over a gazillion hard drives, but I’ll try and find some for this LucysBuzz.

Actually I found 9 – one for each year! Plus 2 for good measure!

Happy Birthday, Toby!

Toby as a cuddly pup.

Love this portrait!

The big Snoozer!

Ah, fresh morning air.

Toby's favourite place to sleep - my bed - taking all of it!

A balloon popped and Toby jumped on my lap!

He's thinking - why are you taking another photo of me?!

Checking the wall for cats!

Lipton and Toby!

Still a cuddle bug!

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