Monday, December 8, 2014


I am so nervous today. Today is when my friend Koh Ming Hao goes into surgery to get the remaining cancer taken out of his body.

Years ago, I first met Ming in Singapore at Cathay Photos where he worked and where I bought a computer. We liked each other immediately. What a smile he had that day! So infectious.

Since then, we’ve stayed in touch via Skype, email and Facebook. I’ve watched him on Facebook; watched how he ran races, how he and his friends goofed around, how his romance with Daphnie Chong progressed, how they became engaged to be married, and how Ming first learned that he had cancer.

Ming has kept a #watchmingbeatcancer journal from the beginning. He made notes, with pictures, of his fight, his ups and downs, his moods, diet, bills, and now of his current surgery today to rid his body of the cancer that is still there.

His friends have followed him all the way. And today we are all there with him, cheering him on, praying for him, sending him love!

Join #watchmingfightcancer! Send your thoughts and prayers and fighting wishes to Ming at He can use all the wishes you can send!

Ming and Daphnie

Still smiling!

Toby, Lipton (who took the photo) and I join #watchmingbeatcancer

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