Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Year's Eve Wedding!

So where have I been?

After several weddings, I got the Sri Lanka coughing crud and yet I still carried on editing the wedding photos and even did a couple of weddings (praying that I wouldn’t start coughing up a lung at an important capture!). What’s a girl to do? Just pony-up and do what a girl’s gotta do!

I did, however, neglect LucysBuzz. And I’m sorry for that, since I had several people let me know how they love it.

The photos I’m going to post today are of a Muslim wedding held here in Colombo on New Year’s Eve (no chance of this couple forgetting their wedding anniversary!). The crowd was super friendly and the bride and her parents gave me permission to post the photos. Yeah!

There aren’t many traditional shots to be taken at a Muslim wedding. Usually the crowd is segregated into the women’s side and the gents’ side. So there’s just a few photos of the gents to be taken and many, many of the women. The weddings are segregated so that the women who are ‘covered’ can remove their veils and chat and eat with their friends comfortably, without the presence of men to inhibit them. To capture this side we use a female photographer. Usually me.

There’s no alcohol or dancing at a Muslim wedding, but there is a lot of chatting. Lots of it! And fabulous outfits, mostly bejeweled – even the burkas. Lots of sparkle and bead work. It was at my first Muslim wedding that I decided I needed a sparkly outfit to work in. I had to step up my game!


Romany De Mel was the dresser!

Romany doing her magic.

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