Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun HomeComing Photos – What to Post?!

I’m working on the design of Anagi & Kokila’s wedding album. I’ve been working on it for the last several days. This morning, however, Lipton suggested I put some of Anagi and Kokila’s HomeComing photos up on FaceBook because he loves those photos and the colours! (And he wants to make more work for me!)

But rather than just post on FaceBook, I decided it calls for a LucysBuzz! --actually everything calls for a LucysBuzz!

Lipton took the photos of Anagi & Kokila and I edited them. The bride and groom are a fun couple and throughout their HomeComing Day, they didn’t lose their sense of humor.

My problem is choosing just a few of the photos. On first look I saved 70 (yes! 70!) images. Then I took it down to 42, then 26. Let’s see how many I end up with!

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