Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Found Her!

Over the last 13 years here in Sri Lanka, I’ve had 2 super, fabulous housemaids. For no fault of theirs or mine, they had to leave. Sad days, both. There has also been a huge lot of bad ones.

Putting up with less than good housemaids made it easier to have none. Which we did for at least six months. But with weddings lasting until late night, it was important for us to have a housekeeper who lived-in to watch the house and more importantly to take care of Toby, our best friend, 50k Rhodesian Ridgeback.

We were hesitant to go to an agency as we’ve had bad luck with them in the past, but one agency was recommended by three known people who are super happy with their housekeepers.

So, we gave it a try. Once at the agency, they introduced us to a young, 27-year-old girl. Her English wasn’t up to snuff and so I pretty much nixed her. As we went home and discussed it, we decided to try her for a week. She came that day, prepared to stay.

From the first minute when Pavi patted hello to Toby, I knew she was good. She wasn’t afraid of him and he immediately liked her!

The first meal Pavi cooked was way better than even I could cook. And the presentation was super! She cleaned better than anyone we’ve had before. Way way better! She made pumpkin soup yesterday (that I’ve been dying to have) and it was so delicious! She cooks without oil and doesn’t use heavy coconut milk powder like others before her. And each day she makes salads! I’ve lost 2kilos in the month she’s been here.

Tomorrow she goes to her home on holiday and tonight, she told me in her English that I can now understand, that she’s going to cook meals for us to eat while she’s gone. How great is that!

We will miss her cheery face while she’s gone. Toby will definitely miss her!

Her chicken is NOT over cooked!

Her salads are just the best!

Pavi even makes desserts. But not too often.
She once made Potato & Powdered Sugar Cookies!

Toby's new BFF!

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