Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Super Sexy Swimsuit Model Shoot!

I received an email on Saturday requesting us to do a shoot for two European swimsuit models staying down in Weligama as they travel around SE Asia. They wanted the shoot to happen the next day, Sunday, or Monday at the latest as they were leaving Sri Lanka on Tuesday. How’s that for short notice!

They found us on Google. Yea! for Google and for doing business over the internet!

After several emails back and forth, we worked out a time on Monday (as Lipton was busy with an all-day shoot on Sunday) and the price of the shoot. Everyone was happy. Lipton had a wedding video shoot to do on Monday evening and I knew he’d be tired working from 6:30am until Midnight, but I saw pictures of the models on the covers of Playboy Germany and I knew he would love taking their photos!

You look at the photos he took and tell me if you think he loved doing the shoot!

Spoiler alert: This is a swimsuit shoot! With bikini models! Oh, and some yoga shots...

Brunette beauty and blonde beauty.

Comfortable in front of the camera.

They have the best butts!
No wonder they can wear bikinis!

Janni and Sylvi are also surf models.

They love the sun.

Girls know how to have fun!!

More fun!

Now the yoga...

I never looked that good doing yoga!
Well, maybe when I was their age!

Now for cooling off.

I love this shot!
Such great colours!


The final shot of the day!
Does Lipton look like a happy photographer???

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