Wednesday, February 3, 2016

People Ask

People ask me what I’ll miss from Sri Lanka. Well, after just seeing some horrid pictures of cruelty to dogs in Sri Lanka on FB, that’s one thing I won’t miss.

I will miss the birds that I watch from my veranda. They flit and sing and hop around the grass catching bugs. I love them and their colors. Watching them is my morning ritual.

Today I had a snafu with my bank – trying to cash a check where our company seal was barely visible. I understand rules, but many institutions take things to the ridiculous. It’s the rigid rules, which aren’t practical, that I won’t miss. Or the excruciatingly long all-day wait (yesterday) at the Department of Immigration and Emigration to change my visa status. Arrrrrrgh!

I suppose I could go on and on about the beautiful and the ugly, but it seems senseless. I won’t really know what I miss about Sri Lanka until I’ve left Sri Lanka. Then I’ll let you know.

Note: I haven't taken many bird photos - most I took in Yala National Park. When I'm sitting on my veranda, I just watch, not photograph. Plus those little characters are too quick to photograph. The ones below are from the internet.

Toby doesn't mind when the Mynah birds come around.

These yellow beauties come zooming into the
mango tree and then they're gone, just like that!

Love the parrots (also called parakeets in Sri Lanka.
Parakeets that we have in the US here are called Love Birds here) They travel in flocks.
Boy are they loud! One flock decimated my bumper crop of long beans
in about 30 seconds. Fun to watch!

These feisty Bulbus constantly come into the house
and try and nest in the light fixture!

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