Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lucy's Buzz USA

HI! I'm going to try and write this blog on my iPhone. Not easy typing with one finger. But here goes...

San Francisco is cold as cold can be. My bones are as cold as Toby's nose! Last night I slept under 2 blankets and a heavy as hell duvet. I was cemented down by the weight of them all. 

I've been sleeping on a full sized mattress of which Toby plops down right in the middle. Wrong!

Today is trash day and I captured the trash truck to show my friends in Sri Lanka. Everything is recycled. I had to take a course on what was what!

My grandson took me to lunch. I'm so amazed by him. He's grown into a really cool man while I was in Sri Lanka. 

I took the ferry across the Bay to see my daughter and son-in-law. What crack ups they are! Apparently Toby kept checking the door to see if I had returned home. He wasn't alone though, he was with his new BFF Rocky, an English Springer Spaniel. It took Toby two days to figure out that he is bigger than Rocky and can intimidate him by standing over him. Fun to watch! Rocky doesn't mind. His tail goes 100kph!

So this is enough for now. Let's see if I can post it with some photos. 

The trash truck and the recycle cans. 

Coconuts at the grocery store. Odd looking!

Waiting for the ferry to go see my family. It was pouring rain outside and the ferry employee let me sit inside and wait for it to arrive. I read the online schedule wrong and got there 1.5hrs early so I was glad to be out of the rain. There's a Farmers Market in the Ferry Building but it was super crowded and not a seat in sight! Pictures next time!

The ferry!

My silly grandson! No selfie with my daughter. We were too busy chatting!

Toby already has his favorite chair!

This is 1/3 of the aisle in the grocery store. ALL ICE CREAM!!!

Toby and I on our daily walk. Resting after climbing the stairs (see below). 

The stairs!

I hope you all keep in touch. And if you need photographers for your special day give Lipton and Jeshan a shout at +94 777387735

Cheers from San Francisco!