Friday, September 9, 2016

Trash Talk!

Upon coming to California, I lived briefly in San Francisco at a friend’s house. Shortly after that Toby (you all know Toby) and I moved to Northern California, to a friend’s house that had been vacant for two years. In the four months that Toby and I have been here, I’ve cleaned up the front and back yards, dragged a gigantic pile of junk to the driveway and tried every which way to get it hauled to the dump. Three people promised to haul it. No one showed up. The junk sat in the driveway for 3 weeks until I found someone to do a dump run. I was so relieved, even though he gouged me on the hauling price.

The second bedroom in my ‘new’ house was crowded with three mattresses, which (with permission) I gave to a neighbor. Under the mattresses I found a darling wood-framed futon. Perfect! Bring on the visitors!

My first visitor, Penny, a friend of many decades came to visit for three days. During that time we checked out the garage. It was stacked high with MORE junk. Dust. Carpet samples, construction goods and on and on. Penny owns three resale shops in Minnesota and knows what thrift stores around here would take or reject. She made it all so easy. We piled her rental car full of things for the local thrift shop and I managed to salvage a few things for my kitchen; an old blender, glass pie plates, wonderful mixing bowls, and a garden claw rake. The rest was bound for the dump!

I also found a neighbor who would do a dump run for a reasonable price. 

After two trailers full, the garage was miraculously empty! Okay, so there are some paint cans, but that’s about all. When I sent Penny the photos of the empty garage, she about crapped her pants!

How have you dealt with a similar situation? Send me your comments - I love them!

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