Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What’s a Girl to Do?

I knew when I came back to the US from Sri Lanka that I wouldn’t have a job waiting. My photo partner in Sri Lanka wasn’t coming with me, so I had to find a different way to make an income with my photography, writing and design skills.

Since I moved to a very rural area, where the internet is slower than in Sri Lanka, and without a car, my chance of finding a job using my skills is very limited.


My daughter brought up a truck load of my goods; goods that I haven’t seen since I migrated to Sri Lanka in 2002. My little beauties; perfume bottle collection, blown glass paperweight collection, antique mirrors, a ‘signed in pencil’ lithograph by Gordon Grant that I had been carting around since 1967, which my parents had had for decades before that. Beauties that I can sell online.

Thanks to my daughter, I now have a job; researching the collections and putting them online for sale. Oh, and photographing them first (using my photography) and writing about their provenance (using my writing) and using my sales abilities (that’s in my DNA).

My friends knew I would come up with something, even when I couldn’t see the forest for the tress, or is it the trees for the forest?

Watch this space for the ‘for sale’ announcement!!

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  1. Hi Lucy, I used to love reading your blog posts. Hope you will restart regularly writing it again :) All the best with everything. xx Khaushali