Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spanx me!

This morning a friend texted me that she had bought a ‘tummy flattening body suit from Odel’ (Colombo’s great department store chain).

I told her it sounded like a girdle. When I was in high school we used to wear them to flatten our already flat stomachs and to keep up our nylons – this was before the invention of the dreadful panty hose!

It was hell getting into girdles. I remember the summer after I had graduated, when I had my first drink (or guzzle!). I was a bit tipsy and I had gone to the loo. While trying to pull and stretch and work my girdle back into place, I fell into the bathtub! Imagine trying to get out of that mess. Finally a couple of girlfriends came in and helped me gather myself!

So, these now famous Spanx that everyone seems to be buying and the ‘tummy flattening body suit from Odel’ are just a step, in MHO, backward for women. Of course, I’ve wanted one when I wear my shape fitting formal dresses (once in a blue moon), but not having one, I just went the au natural way and held in my stomach here and there – depending on how handsome the fellow was that I was talking to!

I am glad though that such things are available in Sri Lanka (leave it to Otara at Odel to bring in the great stuff), and I’m sure, as in most clothes in Sri Lanka, that they will NOT be in my size.

So, suck it up and hold it in, is my personal motto!

Thanks to my friend who sent me the photos of the goodies she bought yesterday at Odel.

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