Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding with VIP Guests!

We here at ShadeTree Productions are blessed with a good team. When Lipton and I were both to sick to shoot the upcoming wedding, we had our teammates take over.

This Muslim wedding was a segregated affair, with the women on one side and the men partitioned off on the other side. Which means that only our female photographer could shoot where all the action is; on the women’s side.

Lakna, my 2nd shooter had to step up to 1st shooter. Her first time as 1st shooter. And she did a fine job. A very fine job – as I knew she would. And Nuwan took over the men’s side and got the important shots of the VIPs!

Enjoy the work Team ShadeTree did for this great wedding!

Bride's car arriving at the venue.


Bride's initials. I've heard that the Mehindi artist is
so good at hiding the initials, and that before any
hanky panky can happen on the wedding night that
the groom has to find the hidden initials! But that's 
just what I've heard. Not the case in every wedding!

Even the feet have been Mehindi'd.

Wedding cake boxes.


The throne.

A ring - gift from the groom's side.

The wedding ring.

Bride wearing the necklaces (tali) given to
her by the groom and family.

Family home.

VIP guest.

Justice Sarath de Abrew arriving at the wedding.

Justice Sarath de Abrew.

VIP guest. Governor of Colombo, Seyed Alavi Mowlana.

The groom.

Another VIP guest. A. H. M. Fowzie;
member of Parliament and government
minister of Urban Affairs.

The groom greeting people.

Another VIP guest. Dr. Mervyn Silva, Member of Parliament
and Government Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs.

Happy day!

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