Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flowers Galore!

Yesterday, Saturday, I went to the Farmers’ Market, located at Water’s Edge. I love Farmers’ Markets. When I lived in California, I went to the Farmers’ Market every Friday. It got so I knew who grew organic veggies and fruit, and I came to know many of the farmers by name. So much nicer than going to the grocery store! This market, though, has mostly plants – like a huge plant nursery!

I went with Lipton and two of his female friends. As soon as we got there, the sky dumped a torrent of rain on us. We took refuge under one of the marques. As usual, a rain-burst in Sri Lanka only lasts a short time and soon I was out looking for the exact flowers for my garden. A sweet, short rainbow helped guide my way.

My garden is lovely, but full of green with just a small a dab of color. I want to see some big splashes of color and so I was drawn to some cheerful zinnias. I love zinnias. My mother had a coffee can full of zinnia seeds when we built the house I grew up in. She tossed the entire can to the wind out in the back of the house. Eventually the hillside was a blast of color. I loved her carefree gardening. I’m not so carefree, but I do love colors as she did.

So, arms loaded with new zinnia plants, we brought them home where they await the ‘perfect’ spot to be planted!

Yellow is such a cheerful colour!

Love these pink ones!

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