Friday, July 4, 2014

In Their Face – Portraits

My favorite photo to take is of a person. Landscape photography is gorgeous, yes, but to me, there is nothing as great as to see inside your subject and capture it in the camera.

Lipton Jayawickrama and I are such a good team when we take portraits. Sometimes he sees the best light, sometimes I do. Sometimes he can get the subject in the right mood, sometimes I do. I have a trick to bring out the inner secrets of my subjects. And only they know what that ‘trick’ is. I learned it from my voice coach when I was performing my poetry. He made me dig deep, deep, deep and be okay with showing it to him. Not all people are prepared to dig deep, especially for a photo shoot, but somehow I can make it happen. So can Lipton; but he has his own technique.

Sometimes it’s just a natural connection between photographer and subject. And trust. It’s magic.

That’s what I love about portrait photography.

Here are some of Lipton and my portraits. Enjoy!

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