Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pre-Wedding Shoot in a park-like Setting!

I woke at 6:15AM and didn’t hear a sound in the house. That wasn’t right. Lipton was supposed to be up and about for his early morning pre-wedding shoot! Not wanting to get out of bed, I rang him on his mobile. No answer! The buggar had slept through his alarm. On the third call, he finally answered.

‘Aren’t you ready to go?’ I said.

‘Oh s^#*!’ he said.

One minute later I heard the water running in the bathroom. Then I fell back asleep. Knowing Lipton, I knew he had everything covered and he had plenty of time to get to the location to meet the couple.

When the shoot was over and Lipton came back home, I was anxious to see the photos. I love pre-wedding shoots. Lipton always takes something different and interesting!

Happy to see the good collection of images, we argued about what photos to put up on the ShadeTree Production FB page and Lipton’s own FB page vs. Lucy’sBuzz. As usual, we compromised and so you get to see Lipton’s photos here, on ShadeTree Productions and Lipton’s FB pages!

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