Monday, July 7, 2014

Night Action!

What a night last night! First it started out with Toby catching a baby mongoose in the garden and shaking it, then dropping it when Lipton yelled ‘NO!’

The mother mongoose was nearby, but she escaped under the garden gate. Toby was relegated to sitting on the veranda while Lipton kept checking the baby, who was turning in circles; confused, Lipton said.

Then two mocking birds made a loud fuss. And an owl lighted on the electricity wires and sat there, as if watching the melee below. It's the first time we've seen an owl here. So cool!

It was so dark that I couldn’t see a thing, but Lipton’s eyes are better than mine and he saw the mama mongoose sneak back into the garden to check on her baby. Minutes later, the two of them streaked out underneath the gate and were gone. The owl was still observing.

I wished that I had a night vision camera!

About 10 minutes later, 5 rather large polecats slunk along the garage rooftop toward Lipton’s room – or the roof just above it! Finally we had proof that it was polecats that make the racket in the ceiling at night. Drives Toby crazy!

Oh, and I forgot the bat. While the baby mongoose drama was going on, a bat flew into the house and Lipton (certainly not me!) had to whoosh it back out the front door and then quickly shut the door! Second night in a row for the bat!

I normally don’t sit outside at 7PM, and had no idea there was so much nighttime action going on in the garden. I think I’ll sit outside at that time more often. Much more entertaining than TV!

Polecat. Looks like a big rat to me!

Mongoose and Polecat photos are from the internet.

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