Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Romantic Shoot at the Park!

August has been a busy month for us with all the weddings. There are literally thousands of photos for me to edit! Which is why I haven’t written a Lucy’sBuzz as of late.

We also did a ‘pre-wedding shoot’, which I like to call a ‘Romantic Shoot’ because the couple is much freer than they are at weddings. For one thing, they are wearing their normal clothes, not a heavy gowned that is so pinned that the bride can’t move her arms. And no family crowd watching them, so they feel free to even give the odd kiss here and there!

We always have fun at the Romantic Shoots!

This shoot was taken at Viharamadevi Park in Colombo. The couple had to get permission from one of the government departments, and a letter stating that permission was given. At the park, several officials checked to make sure we had the letter. Otherwise, if we hadn’t, they would have kicked us out!

Friends of Shazna and Zakeer snuck up on the couple with balloons, tiara, ‘bride and groom’ ribbons, a ring and earrings and even cake! Boy, were they surprised!
And we got it all on the camera!


Friends sneaking up on the couple!




 Outfitting the bride!

A tiara, too!

Good friends!


Even a cake!

Time to taste!

Such fun!

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