Sunday, August 17, 2014

Totally Fun Wedding!

Last night Lakna and I shot a Muslim waleema (the marriage banquet) at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo. It was our third wedding there in a week and so we thought that it would be the same food and rituals.

Well, weren’t we surprised! It was a Malay Muslim wedding with loud music (all of my favorite songs – I couldn’t help but sing along!) and dancing and lots of fun!

Plus, the father of the groom had a secret surprise for the couple – a giant, football-field length PINK CADILLAC! It was so uber super! We were rushed to get the photos though – I wanted to spend an hour just with the couple, Aqeel and Tahanee, and the car, but there was a ton of traffic, that, as typical, were impatient and honking their horns to make us move out of the way. Plus all of the gaping bystanders who wouldn’t move out of the picture!

Later, the groom’s friends surprised him when they in-group lifted him up and carried him to the hotel fountain and dumped him in! Our photographers scrambled fast to get a shot!

All in all, it was a fun night! Enjoy the photos! All the best to Tahanee and Aqeel for their life ahead. And thanks to them for choosing us to photograph their Waleema. We loved it.

Pretty bride, Tahanee.

Mom putting the veil on.

Aqeel getting ready!

A little help from his best man.

Lovely portrait shots.

Things started getting crazy with Tahanee's brother!

Tahanee with the groomsmen!

The guys 'cozy' shot!

Aqeel and his grandfather.

The bride, ready.


The man and his car!

Up on the rooftop - they couldn't keep a straight face!

My 'WOW' shot!
With the sea and the old Parliament building in the background.

Pretty in pink!

The retinue, being crazy.

The mothers, watching.

Cupcake fun!

Daddy, talking about his little girl.

Dad and daughter get the first dance.

The couple's first dance.

The room clears to the dance floor.

Tahanee and Aqeel changed into traditional Malay outfits.

Aqeel's mates pick him up!

Carry him!

To the fountain!

In he goes!!!

Going away.

Tahanee throws her bouquet to the crowd!



The beginning!

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