Sunday, April 19, 2015

Super Sexy Sri Lanka Wedding! WOW!

I knew from the beginning that this wedding was going to be fun! The couple, Milan and Shenzie, and Lipton and I hit it right off. They wanted a fabulous pre-wedding video and Lipton was full of fabulous ideas. Theirs was a match made in Heaven and we fit right in!

Milan and Lipton put their heads together and came up with a fun script for the pre-wedding video, which was to be played as the couple and the retinue entered the hall. It was a 3-day shoot and the couple and the super wonderful retinue (which included one of our former brides!) had a blast doing it. But I’ll save more of the details on that for when I post the video on Lucy’sBuzz.

Lipton and Team ShadeTree left early for the getting-ready-shots. I arrived at the Jaiq Hilton later, in time to leave with the crew for the wedding ceremony at Scott’s Kirk. The priest right away informed Milan that all photos were to be taken from behind the 2nd row. He wanted a more religious intimacy for the ceremony, so there were to be no ring photos, or close-ups of the couple. That’s okay, we could deal.

Back at the Jaiq, our video editor and I sat in the ballroom, while he edited the last bit of the pre-wedding video. Little by little the crowd filtered in, along with a photography crew! I was confused. How could there be another photographer there? And the crowd was on the oldish side and yet Shenzie told me their crowd was young…?

I called Lipton. “Do Milan and Shenzi have a band or a DJ?”

There was silence on the phone. “A DJ,” Lipton said.

“I think we’re in the wrong ballroom.” I went next door, where they had finally posted the announcement for whose wedding was happening. Yep. We had been in the wrong ballroom!

I couldn’t stop laughing!

The rest of the night went off without a hitch and for the whole night I couldn’t stop smiling! My cheeks hurt! Everyone was smiling!

The bride and groom were so so gorgeous and the retinue ladies were so so darn sexy. The groomsmen were so so awesome! They were a photographer’s dream!

Thanks to Team ShadeTree; with Tai and Taranga, Sampath, Ishan and Sidhara!! Great job, Team!

And thanks to Milan and Shenzi for choosing us to be part of their wedding experience!

Enjoy the photos! And share!


Handsome groom!

Photographer photo bomb!

Sexy ladies!


Video action!

Retinue photo bomb!



First dance.


Ring shot!

They love Lipton!

We love them!

Flash dance!!!

They wanted Lipton to dance!!!

Sexy couple, sexy car!

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