Monday, April 27, 2015

Crazy Fun Post-Wedding Shoot!

Manju and Jeshan decided they wanted a post-wedding shoot, because their wedding photos (by another photographer) didn’t knock their socks off – so they contacted Lipton to do their post-wedding shoot!

“Of course,’ said Lipton. “It’ll be fun!”

With Lipton in tow, Manju and Jeshan headed to Blue Water Hotel in Wadduwa. Wearing her big fluffy gown, Manju even had her hair and make-up done by Isuru from Kess, with the help of her cousin Ayesha.

It was a go!

Lipton took the couple around the hotel and took some gorgeous shots, but when it came to photographing them against a black background, Lipton got truly excited. Jeshan and Manju had started acting up – Jeshan showing off his skills at martial arts, kicking high, doing the splits, and having fun! Lipton captured it all!

Enjoy the photos! Share them!

Fun fun fun!!!

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