Friday, May 22, 2015

Please Help!!

When I came to live in Sri Lanka, I had a wonderful dog that I couldn’t bring with me because in Sri Lanka I lived in a hotel. He would have scared the guests with his giant size and friendly manner, so I gave him to a fellow with a good family. It broke my heart to leave him. Over the years I lost track of the family and couldn’t get updates on my dog. I am still crushed over the experience.

I will never leave an animal behind again. Never!

Unfortunately not everyone can take their animals when migrating. An acquaintance who knew of my Ridgeback, Toby, (surely you’ve seen pictures of him on my FB!) asked me if I could adopt his Toby (yes! same name) who is 1.5 years, a Ridgeback, very pampered and spoiled, never ever has been in a cage, he sleeps in the house and is well mannered and chases butterflies!

Sadly, I can’t adopt his Toby, but I am determined to help him find a good forever home for him.

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, who would be a great, loving family, who will walk Toby daily, keep him inside like a family member, please contact me at:

And yes! – he looks just like my Toby!

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