Friday, May 15, 2015

Promises! Promises!

In my LucysBuzz entitled Super Sexy Sri Lanka Wedding! WOW! I promised that I would upload the Pre-Wedding video of Milan and Shenzie. So, today is the day!

I also promised some dish about it. Rather than go into the juicy details, I’ll make it short. After several days of shooting the video with the full retinue, the retinue participants changed! Which meant that all those days of shooting were down the drain. A new storyline had to be developed. The couple maintained their cool, reorganised everything (including dresses) and Lipton came up with a new concept for the video. It meant shooting until the last minute and editing also until the last minute. Thanks to Lipton’s organised efforts, and the cool-as-a-cucumber couple, it all worked out!

The video shows everyone getting ready on the wedding day and it was played for the crowd at the Jaiq Hotel. You’ll see the door of the wedding hall in the last frame – that’s when the bride and groom make their grand entrance into the hall!

Here it is! Watch and share like crazy!

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