Monday, February 24, 2014

Clean House!

iCloud informed me that my emailbox was full and so it was time to clean house. I have a group of writer friends in Santa Barbara, California that I write back and forth to everyday so our ‘sent’ and ‘in’ emails add up quickly.

The other day there were 5,000+ emails to my group. That’s a lot! But it's added up over the years here in Sri Lanka. Sometimes my friends kept me sane in this foreign land. They’ve made me laugh and cry and listened to my daily trials and tribulations.

When I was deleting the ‘sent’ emails to my group, I hesitated to read any of them. It’d be like reading a diary. A bit boring. However, my curser landed on one email - a poem I wrote in July 2005. I’m saving as I quite like it. And I’ll share it with you out there in Lucy’s Buzzland! It’s a bit racy, so no X-rated feedback, please!

Native Calling
I long for the low rumble of lust,
that good earthy romp in fresh mown hay
where I grind my hips, arch my back,
howl at the moon.

Lucy Llewellyn Byard
July 15, 2005
Sri Lanka

A fuzzy pic of my clogged up emails.

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