Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday, Sunday

Sunday is Toby’s spa day; when Lipton gives him a wash, clips his nails and cleans his floppy ears. Throughout his spa treatments, Toby is cool the cool-cucumber Ridgeback who loves attention.


Toby relaxing while he gets a pedicure.

Then it was my treat for the day; going to my favorite used bookseller in Colombo, Warnasuriya Book Depot. It’s a ‘Iending library’ where you buy a book for say RS 300 ($2.25), read it and return it for RS. 200 credit on your next batch of books. A typical paperback at a normal bookstore will cost almost $20 and so Warnasuriya Book Depot is a real treasure.

Warnasuriya Book Depot (center shop)

Mr. Pushpa Kumara, shopkeeper.

Mr. Kumara writing up my stack of books.

All these for RS 2,000 ($15.00)!
Entertainment for a month!