Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'll Get the Hang of This!

I’ve been putting off writing a blog for a year. A whole year. I mean, what exactly would I write? As a wedding photographer in Sri Lanka (ShadeTree Productions), would I tell the brides not to wear false eyelashes unless they are super expensive and super fabulous? That cheap false eyelashes look like dead caterpillars on the eyes? Tell them not to use colored lights at the wedding and wedding reception as it is hell to get rid of red, pink, blue, green hues from the bride’s and groom’s faces; that white light is best!

As a foreigner in Sri Lanka, should I tell other expats to learn patience when dealing with cultural differences? If you can’t deal with trishaw drivers and their heavy-handed ways of charging one price for a 4km trip and then double for a 2km trip, then buy a car, take your chances driving on the roads with all the buses and mosquito-like trishaws zipping in and out and here and there. Tell them to learn to BREATHE! Meditate!

Now that I’ve started, I’ve probably another 1,000 words to say about this and that, but for my first Lucy’s Buzz, this is enough!

Except, I must add a photo, after all, I am a photographer.

A Man and His Dog

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