Sunday, February 9, 2014

Living in the Tropics

They are cute in ads and graphic designs and on T-shirts, but try having them wiggling all over your house! One shocked me at o’dark hundred when I reached for the coffee jar. It scurried out from behind it and I jumped a foot, shouting out the F-bomb!

And their poop! They leave it everywhere!! No kitty litter for them. It’s on the dining table, the kitchen counter, on the sink next to my toothbrush (do they really brush?) and on already washed dishes! No wonder Sri Lankans wash a dish before using it. I used to think, Why? It’s been washed. But after seeing the damn buggars running across my favorite green plate and leaving little black poop on it, I now wash my dish, my coffee cup, my forks and spoons, my toothbrush! Everything! Before using!

There are exterminators here in Sri Lanka that gets rid of the little devils, but I can’t see wiping them out. They still have a cute factor to them and plus I don’t want to have to sweep up their carcasses. Ew! I’ve never swatted one – it’s not like squashing a cockroach with your shoe. I mean, they have a big squish factor to them, so we live in relative harmony. The Buddhist way, right? Since I’m in a Buddhist country.

I’ll try and capture one on camera for this post! Be like catching a bird in flight.

--Well, no geckos today. Not a one! I didn't hear their little Ack! Ack! Ack! anywhere. So I'll post a picture of a big bug instead. Sri Lanka has lots of bugs.

Big Wobbly Bug

It took me forever to capture this bug on camera as it kept circling around and around this flower. When it flies, it wobbles. Very fun to watch, except when it aims at your head!

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