Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OMG! Me on a Motorbike!

It was bowling night at Louis's parent's apartment. Bowling night always gets us excited as it’s raw competitive energy happening in an 8-year-old kid’s bedroom with four adults, a 3 year-old sister and Louis all shouting and jeering!

But I had to get there and had no wheels, so I called one of the tuk tuk drivers, who gather down at the main road. A tuk tuk, for those of you who don’t know, is a 3-wheeled taxi, some metered and some not. I like the metered ones because they can’t change the price on you at your destination. Makes them more accountable.

I took the camera to see what photos I could get out the side ‘door’ of the bouncy, little taxi in the evening hour. Most of the photos turned out like I was high (a lot of pavement shots!).

Louis’s father had brought him the latest X Box from England and I love it! It’s a friend-magnet. Sucks people like Lipton and I in. Besides all the fun, you can get exercise while playing volleyball and even bowling.

Once at Louis’s parents’ apartment there wasn’t much of a ‘Hello, how are you?” Just “Let the games begin!”

Lots of hoopla later the final score was: Raj (Louis’s uncle) 194, Lucy 177, Louis 121 and sadly, Louis mom Madhuri, (we called her ‘Gutter Ball Woman’) score was 78. It was a blast. Lipton played with just the guys and he almost got dubbed ‘Gutter Ball Man’ but pulled up his score amazingly with three strikes on the last few frames!

So, I took a tuk tuk to the apartment and Lipton rode the Honda scooter. How was I to get home? I’ve been adamant on not riding on that 2-wheeled little deathtrap, but with encouragement from the crowd, I said reluctantly yes.  Louis’s mom said, “Surely you’ve been on a motorcycle?” “Yes”, I said, but it was a Harley, man! Not a little scooter!”

As everyone pointed out, it was after traffic-time, and so chances were that we’d make it.

Lipton drove just fast enough to keep the bike upright. The ride was lovely. It reminded me of being a teenager, free from all teenage concerns with the wind blowing through my long dark hair. Well, so what if my hair is now short and white! It was fun and the night air was balmy and pretty darn cool.

Meter in the tuk tuk.

Traffic. Ugh.

Fruit stand at the side of the road.

No sidewalk in this area.

The local grocery store chain.

Someone burning trash at the road
(more on that later!).

Traffic cop.

Cow eating weeds at the side of the road.

Bread tuk tuk. They drive around neighborhoods
with a loud speaker of horrible music at 6AM and 6PM!
Not a fun way to wake up, hearing that music.

Let the X Box games begin!

Louis's perfect bowling form!

Louis strikes!

The victory dance!

Raj is up. Deep concentration.

Raj, the winner, scores another strike, after strike after strike!

Lipton's perfect form. Looks good, doesn't it?

Lipton's 'perfect form' gutter ball!

Too funny!

Morning shot of Lipton and my ride home last night.
Whew! I made it!

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