Monday, February 17, 2014

Get a Grip!

Where’s that ‘he-man’ when we need him? Out, of course, and I’m stuck with the jar of chutney that can’t be opened without breaking the glass, or the bottle of sweet syrupy soft drink with that stupid little cap that slips through my fingers even if I use a towel to get a better grip, or that can opener from the dark ages that takes two people a half hour to open one can of tomato soup! My can opener is useless. I might as well use a knife. Slit my wrists with it! I bought it new six months ago and it’s rusted into uselessness.

Don’t the he-men know they are on-call 24/7? At our beck and call!

Well, not anymore. My two German friends, Ingrid and Tina, asked me what I wanted them to bring to Sri Lanka on their yearly visit here. I emailed back and wrote, ”Forget the chocolate and the good German cheese, bring me a state-of-the-art can opener and bottle/jar opener!”

Sure enough they did. German technology to the rescue! I haven’t quite figured out how to use the fancy can opener without reading the directions each time, but when I get it, it opens a can in less than 2-seconds! And the bottle/jar opener is a dream. One good twist and off those lids come. They practically fly off! Except for those small tops on liter bottles of soft drinks – I still have to grit my teeth until they hurt to open those. Or drink water instead.

My ├╝ber techno can opener.

The blessed jar opener!

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