Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fun Couple at the Walima!

I haven’t written about a Walima before. In the Muslim weddings, the bride’s family is responsible for the event – same as weddings in the US. But the groom’s family gets the pleasure of planning the Walima, a more relaxed affair that celebrates the wedding of the couple that takes place a couple of days after the wedding.

Two nights ago we photographed a Walima with 1,000 guests at Eagles’ Lakeside, a banquet hall in Attitdiya; one of the few places in the Colombo area that can hold 1,000 attendees.

This couple was not typical in any way. They brought a gorgeous red background that the family company, Light & Shade, made for the photo shoot and lots of props. They came prepared for fun! But they didn’t want ‘cheesy’ shots, declared the groom. Suuure! Turns out they really wanted either way below cheesy, or way above cheesy!

The photo shoot lasted until the guests started arriving and then the couple split up. Zayna went to the women’s side and Faris went to the gent’s side and began greeting their guests.


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