Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Underbelly of Life in Sri Lanka!

I woke up early to catch the garbage men to come collect our trash. They haven’t picked it up in almost two weeks. We have clients coming to see us who are holding their noses as they walk through the garage to get to the office. I can’t bare this any more! I tried calling the Municipal Council and no one picked up the phone and I dialed it five times!

My neighbor said they came two days ago after a long lay-off (I never heard them!) and that she’d call me when they next come around in case I don’t hear them again. But I didn’t even leave that for chance today, so I set my alarm for o’dark hundred and rested on the living room couch with my ears alert.

The funny thing is, is that they are now going to want money to take away the excess trash that has piled up. ‘Tea money’ they call it. I call it highway robbery. But if we don’t pay, then they won’t pick up, ever!

I can’t just set the garbage can and the bags of excess outside the garage door, just in case I don’t hear the collectors’ shout, because someone has stolen our previous two garbage cans! The nerve!

Oh, how I long for the US garbage men! Give them a bottle of whiskey for Christmas and they give you a smile all year long as they collect what they’re paid to collect!

Our new green plastic trash bin, that I won't put
outside because some thief will steal it!
 I almost gagged taking these two photos! Most of the
trash is lawn clipping from when the gardener came.

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