Sunday, May 4, 2014

Super Sexy Wedding at Nisala Arena in Bentota!

Lipton Jayawickrama and Pravithra De Mello (our back-up shooter when Lakna isn’t available) went down to Bentota at o’dark hundred in the morning of the 18th of April. Right after the long hot wedding in Gampha. Shows just how determined Lipton is to make his company, ShadeTree Productions, the best and most reliable in Sri Lanka!

The couple, Zaf and Bridget, came from the UK with a heap load of friends! Little did they know they landed smack dab into one of Sri Lanka’s hot spells. Thank goodness Ben at Nisala Arena provided hand fans for everyone!

The chic boutique hotel of Nisala Arena is situated landside from Bentota, with a large, large garden that makes it perfect for weddings. In fact, we did our first Sri Lankan wedding there, so many years ago. With another couple from the UK. The bride at that wedding was a photography agent and had I known that before we did the wedding, I would have been very nervous! But after she saw the photos, she said that they were the best wedding photos she had ever seen!

It helps to have such a great environment to shoot in. And also, Zaf and Bridget, were calm, cool and collected in spite of the heat. And quite sexy, if I do say so.

Lipton finished editing their video before they headed back to London and when they saw it, they got choked up with emotion, just reliving the beautiful ceremony. They also couldn’t have thanked Lipton enough for doing such a great job and being so pleasant to work with! Yea for Lipton! (We’ll post the video trailer soon!)

For now, here are some of the photos from the day. It was hard to choose just a few!

Groom and his parents.

Father and daughter.

Family photos in the lush Nisala Arena garden.

The gang!

Beautiful ladies!

Off to the beach!

A parade of tuk-tuks!

Walking to the beach!

Here's where the couple almost fell off of the ellie!

Safely on!

Ellie and the group!

Love this.

Not only an ellie, but a doggie, too!

Cool shot!

Mother of the groom.

Wait for the video!

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