Thursday, May 8, 2014

Charm Me!

There used to be a fellow on the berm near the Galle Lighthouse that would charm his Cobra snakes out of their baskets to the delight of the crowd. I really only cared about the charmer to get a good photo. I'm not sure if he's still there.

I went on a tour once here in Sri Lanka to see a snake farm. I was not impressed as I don’t like to see any animal in a cage, or a concrete bin in this case. It seems so unnatural. Even if I didn’t like seeing that 5’ rat snake in my office, I still didn’t want it harmed, or caged. I just wanted it out.

The snake farm smelled foul and of course the fellow running it couldn’t make friends with them, so all he did was pick them up with a tool and show them to us. Had it been in a more natural-looking place I might have been impressed.

What I did like was that the fellow was an expert on snakebites and the anti-venoms used to counteract a deadly bite. That impressed me.

I don’t know the names of the snakes in the photos below. Perhaps some of you could help me out.

The berm by the Galle Lighthouse.

The snake farmer and his Cobra.

Are the more colorful ones the more deadly?

Pretty green.

Is this a Rat snake?

I know this one, Cobra!

He looks agitated.

The farmer, his snake tool, and his snake.

Are these snake eggs?

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