Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Detail Shots

When we shoot Muslim weddings we do not post the photos on FaceBook or anywhere online as per the request of the couple and the family. At Muslim weddings it is not unusual for the bride to wear her hair down and uncovered. But the photos of the bride with her head uncovered are not to be shown online.
Over the last six years, we’ve done the weddings of one particular large Muslim family. So far we have taken photos of four of the girls’ wedding as well as their brother’s wedding. We have two more girls to go and then it’ll be annual family photos and baby photos from here unto eternity, as we are the family photographers. We are part of the family now.
It’s important to take detail shots at weddings as people spend a lot of time on the details and need to have the photographs to prove it. Plus they add another layer of depth to the coverage.
We have one member of our team, Lakna Paranamanna, who is responsible for much of the detail shots. I’m posting some of them, plus some of mine and Lipton's from the brother’s wedding because I’m not showing the face of the bride or the groom and because they give a small bit of the flavor of a Muslim wedding.

This is a page from the album.

Mehindi art on her hands.

This is the throne where the couple sit.

Plenty of table space for the food, which is served
on large platters. Usually a biryani with mutton,
plus lots of side dishes.

The wedding banquet room.

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