Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It’s Birthday Time! 19th March 2014

It’s Lipton’s birthday today. He’s 31 years young. I’ve known him since he was 19. A mere babe.

I’m having a very small party for him as it’s mid-week and most people can’t come. Next week we’re going to have a bowling party at my friend’s house – bowling on ­­­X-Box. We love bowling on X-Box!

Tonight it’ll just be a couple of people here for cake and some other yummies, with good music and Toby trying to hog all the attention.

Lipton was seriously depressed over turning 30 last year. Why? Because Sri Lankan guys are supposed to be married with babies by then! It’s the custom. Lipton’s mother has repeatedly begged him to find a wife. Not a girlfriend, but a wife.

The newspapers are full of ads telling of the fair-skinned, rich girls with property who want a similar groom. Matchmakers make a fortune off the pairing up couples with good horoscopes and good finances.

So far Lipton has avoided the matchmakers and is determined to marry for love-- when he’s ready. I have friends with sons who are 40 who are still unmarried. Worried over the situation, the mothers have begrudgingly learned to let their sons go through life at their own pace.

Dating is pretty much non-existent in Sri Lanka. If you find a girl you like, within two weeks of meeting, most girls immediately plan the wedding. There’s no getting-to-know you phase as there is in the US. Teenage girls are checked on constantly to go to school and come home and be a dutiful daughter. I have a 25 year-old friend who has to sneak out to go to coffee with friends. Her parents and sister demand to know where she is at all times. No wonder young people here are adept at lying!

So for today, Lipton can celebrate his 31 years and be happy he’s free to live the life he likes! Happy birthday, Lippy!

Party begins with watching Robin Thicke's 
'Blurred Lines' video! My favourite!

Check out Toby - he's going in for the kiss to Ayesha!

Lipton's chocolate b'day cake!

Toby can't eat chocolate so
he has his own vanilla cupcake!

Birthday boy!

Goofing around!

Toby gets the first bite.
Tradition to feed guests a bite of the cake.

He's so good.

Gone! In one bite - paper and all!

Lipton takes cutting the cake to new dimensions!


Well, at least the cake is in focus!

Total goofers!


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