Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mango Achcharu

Excitement! Harvest day. Doin’ the mango dance!

Lipton takes out the pole he concocted just for picking mangos and heads to the orchard; orchard of one tree. I thought he’d have to climb the ladder but the mangos were hanging so low that it wasn’t necessary.

The key to harvesting mangos is not to take them all at once. Take a few each day and there’ll be plenty of mangos for breakfast, lunch and dessert.

Today, the mangos Lipton picked weren’t quite ripe. They were perfect though for Mango Achcharu, the popular mixture of mango pieces, salt and chilli powder.

Once in the kitchen, Lipton went to work, peeling one mango and, adding salt and chilli powder, tasting and adding more salt. The rest we’ll keep until they ripen! Yum, yum!

Good catch!

Another good catch!

Oops, missed.

Where are the good ones?

Today's harvest.

Lipton, such a good harvester!

The fun is about to begin!




Add salt.

Add chilli powder.

Almost done!


And taste.


My turn to try.

Eeesh! Sour! But good!

Even Toby has to get into the act.

Toby loves it, but no chilli and salt for him.


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