Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get in Shape, You Got a Reunion To Go To!

I’m hot and sweaty. Fresh (if you could call me that) from the gym. I went to Body by Kris for a test workout to see if using the treadmill for 20minutes would damage my already damaged ACL. Or if time on the rowing machine would irritate my damaged rotator cuff. So far so good. I did some stretches as well, but next time (if there is one) I’ll do the stretches that I learned from my yoga class before the workout. Makes sense.
In the US, I always belonged to a gym. One time I was training to go with a boyfriend to climb to Base Camp on Mount Everest in Nepal. Boy, did I train. I was a machine. I had heard the horror stories of people dropping like flies who weren’t in shape for just Base Camp and I didn’t want to be one of them. Unfortunately I never got to find out how I stood in the mix as the man who was sponsoring the trip had a heart attack. How rude of him; after all my training!
The rowing machine at Body by Kris was like going home; so familiar and welcoming. I know how to row. I was a member of the Long Beach Rowing Club for several years and learned from former Olympians. I even raced with a team of eight. Today I could only do about 5minutes on the machine, but I have a feeling that that’s the machine that will get me into shape. I was never in better shape than when I rowed. Too bad it’s not on the water, in a real shell. Perhaps if I get strong enough at the gym I’ll have enough guts to check out the rowing club in Colombo!
I’ve gotten fat in Sri Lanka. Not during the first two years when I lived down south and went swimming every day, walking up and down the hill that the hotel sat on, but the last few years is when I’ve ballooned up. Lack of exercise is the main reason. Oh I’ve tried. I used to walk early in the morning on the sidewalks around my other house. But the sidewalks here are uneven and I found myself, more than once, face down from tripping on the curbs that are all different heights.
Now that I’m near the beach, I’ve gone walking on the beach, but I find it very difficult to walk on a slant and in the sand. When I tripped over the railroad tracks to get to the beach and sprained my pinkie finger, I gave up the those walks. I don’t know why I fall so much, except that I’ve always been doing it. One year I was on crutches more than I was off them, from sprained ankles. I’ve sprained my left one 15 times (yes, it’s true!). I started young; when I jumped off the barn hayloft next door on a dare.
So, for now I’ll stick to the treadmill where I can hold onto the sides and walk evenly and hopefully day dream without looking at the lighted numbers on the control panel every 5 seconds! One more minute down, another 14 and counting. 55 calories and counting. It’s annoying!
I didn’t sign up today for the ‘over 60’ package; am waiting for tomorrow to see how my body holds up to the pounding I gave it this morning!
20mins at speed of 4.
I did it!

My favourite, the rowing machine!

The 'before' picture.
You'll have to wait awhile for the 'after' pic.

A team of eight. I pulled this photo from
the Long Beach Rowing Club site.
To train for a race, we used to do (4) 2,000meter sprints at 5AM!

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