Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Yala Experience

I’ve been to Sri Lanka’s most famous park, Yala National Park. I was lucky enough to have gone with Ravi Samarasinghe, who was an expert on leopards and the park. Ravi had been to Yala countless times and knew each leopard there by sight.

Lipton and I spent 5 days in the park, at the park’s bungalows with Ravi and the tracker. In fact we spent Ravi’s birthday in the park. It turns out that it was Ravi’s last birthday, for soon after that trip he sadly died in a car crash with a lorry (a large truck).

Rather than tell the story, I’m going to show you photos instead. Some photos - I’ll do more next time.

Our beds in the bungalow. Sometimes elephants
come right up to the 'windows'.

Tracker, driver, Ravi and Lipton.

Our bungalow in the park.

Dr. Ravi Samarasingha

Another leopard.

Water buffalo.

Big tusker.

Outside the bungalow.

We sat in the jeep and watched this
leopard cub for 1.5 hours.

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