Saturday, March 22, 2014


I’ve been daydreaming about a trip back to the US. I haven’t been back in 6+ years and I’m so eager to see my family. My darling, adorable granddaughter is pregnant and due next month and I just have to go back to meet my almost born great grandson. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time! I missed my granddaughter’s wedding and I just can’t bear to miss seeing the little great grandson smile, gurgle, roll over, spit up, laugh!
My daughter has turned into quite the rock climber since I’ve been gone and I’m dying to see her. And see my grandson who has turned into a man in the last 6 years. A man! My little Christopher! Plus my son-in-law, who now, with his beard looks like Walter White! I have to get a bear hug from him.
My 48th high school class reunion is in August in the US and my old gang is begging me to make it, saying that the reunion just wouldn’t be the same without the class clown. That we can all be 18-years- old again for four days and maybe even TP Rick’s house! I can just hear us giggling!
One of my best friends has been off the radar for three decades and one of the gang found her in North Carolina! Not being on FaceBook, she didn’t know she was being looked for. It’s amazing that Coni found Mary Ruth – I can’t wait to catch up with her, and all the others. We were quite the group of troublemakers!
So, this trip back to the US is crucial. Am working like crazy to make it happen with the help of my friends. They are so, so kindly pledging some of my very expensive airfare to insure that I get my big butt to Detroit, Michigan! How can I not go? And hopefully my butt won’t be so big – I do have my pride, you know!

My darling granddaughter!

My rock climbing daughter on top of the world! 

Part of the high school gang.
Me (top left), Mary Ruth (top right)
Frank (bottom left) and Coni (bottom right)!
Just the best!

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