Sunday, March 30, 2014


My mobile phone is about to die on me. I’ve had it for probably six years so obviously it’s not a smart phone. It’s a Nokia dumb phone. Dumb like me when it comes to fancy-schmantzy phones. But it has been useful ever since my other phone was stolen. I hated (yes, hated!) the person who stole it. I had uber VIP phone numbers in it. Like the President’s brother’s number (yep) and the Speaker of Parliament’s number (we played chess together while he and his family vacationed at the hotel where I lived – I won.) We talked about Buddhism and the killing of mosquitos among other things, which I can’t remember, but I remember the mosquito conversation. He said ‘Don’t kill them.’ I said, ‘Okay, but I’m going to anyway.’
I could’ve gotten those and most of the other numbers back (rrright), but it was too much of a royal pain. Damn that thief!
So, I’m going to get a cheap smart Nokia phone (I’ve said Nokia twice now – do you think they’d give me a discount for promoting them?) so I can take photos for Lucy’s Buzz instead of lugging my camera everywhere (or better yet, remembering to take it with me everywhere) and get whatsapp and viber to talk to family and friends in the US. I’ll need a month or two to figure out how it works as my current phone is about as current as a caveman’s club and all I know how to do is look up numbers and text. I hate texting as the keyboard is useless and getting more useless everyday. Let’s see if I’ll dislike being so plugged in after being in the dark for so long.

My dying phone with pic of my granddaughter!

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