Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Lipton, Toby and I went to Lipton’s loku Amma (his 2nd mother-- aunt), as that’s where his family was gathering for New Year. It was the very first time we‘ve taken Toby to someone’s house. Normally he doesn’t like small children, but at loku Amma’s he was perfectly fine. It was more that the small children were afraid of him! But he wandered around just find, happy to be ignored or patted on the head.
Personally, I couldn’t wait to bring out the computer printer pictures of my new great grandson and show them off! Everyone had met my granddaughter, Ali, on her great trip here in Sri Lanka several years ago and so they were so happy to see her new son. Very happy!
It was a super hot day and so most everyone was either cooking or watching a Sinhala movie on TV. Toby and I sat outside in the shade where there was a little breeze and took photos. It was great seeing Lipton’s family. It’s been a long time, since I’ve seen them and they all looked fabulous, with several additions to the family who have grown like weeds!
I should have taken pictures of the food, but we were so hungry that we just dug into the rice and curry dishes! My favorite was the dhal (parippu) and the potato curry – not too spicy for my delicate palate. You’d think after all this time I could manage spicy foods, but not!
After all of family picture taking and honoring the family with the traditional betel leaves, we packed Toby into the car and hit the road. We were doing just fine, talking about how big Lipton’s sister’s boy looked, how great loku Amma looked at age 70-something and then we stopped to take a picture of a pretty rice paddy. Then Lipton saw a little puppy across the road, alone. Probably abandoned. Oh, how I wanted to bring it home with us. Lipton gave it some of Toby’s food, which it ate greedily, and then we left, leaving the pup behind. It killed me, but we had no idea how Toby would react to a small puppy. It just killed me. It looked like others had fed him also as there were plastic sheets from lunch packets by the pup. Lipton said that’s how it is in Sri Lanka, people just can’t bring home every stray pup. Broke my heart. To cheer me up, Lipton said that someone would probably take him home with them. I still wanted to be that someone.

Gassing up for the 1-hour trip. Toby LOVES to
ride in the car! When he was little he used to
throw up in the car, but not any more.

Plenty of bicycle races on the road!

Toby watching the scenery!

The lane to loku Amma's.

Loku Amma's house.

Toby getting used to everyone. Lipton and his father.


The little girls standing on the chairs to
keep away from Toby!

Lipton's mother, Charlotte.

The whole family.

Lipton and his parents.

Me and Lipton's parents.

Lipton and his mother (left) and his loku Amma.

Lipton's niece and nephew.

Cuties! Recognise the girl on the far right
- from the Big Girl Party?

Lipton honoring his mother.

Two sisters!

Lipton's niece honoring me.

Saying goodbye!

Lipton feeding the pup (hidden behind
his legs). Sigh.

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