Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things Heat Up at a Buddhist Wedding!

It’s 7PM and I’m just getting to LucysBuzz! We had three weddings this last week in a span of 4 days and I’ve had a lot of photo backing up and editing. Too much today for the blog. Plus half the day had a big thunderstorm pretty close by and when thunderstorms happen, the computer gets shut off for the duration. One hit of lightening will fry a computer faster than you can snap your fingers!
One of the weddings was in Gampha, inland from the sea and hotter and more humid than boiling water. In fact Team ShadeTree; Lipton, Lakna and the video crew, plus the bride and groom and all the guests were near to passing out. The bride did get sick early in the day during her getting ready time – no wonder, she was wearing a Kandyian silk sari with long sleeves. I felt so sorry for her, but she rallied here and there and we did get enough photos.
This wedding was planned to be fun. And it was, despite the heat! The groom and his groomsmen played cricket in a paddy field. In trying to get the best shot, I fell in the mud on my knees, but saved the camera and the 200mm lens! Always save the camera first! Who cares if my nice wedding work outfit was muddy, as long as the lens was clear of the mud! I didn’t get the best shot – Lipton did! ---not that we’re competitive or anything!
The retinue rode in a fancied-up tractor to fill up at the family-owned petrol station; dancers delivered the couple and the retinue to the groom’s grandfather’s house where the wedding was to take place. It was a lovely old colonial-style house and the Poruwa was on the porch. And so was everyone else! It was hard to breathe and I was sure either the bride or I was going to pass out. But we didn’t and all went well.
It was after the ceremony that the bride had to go lie down. The rest of the guests enjoyed the great BBQ and buffet, with dancers appearing thrice to entertain the guests that hailed from Sydney (as well as the bride and groom) and the UK.
Finally after toasts and family photos, the couple disappeared via a tuk-tuk and the guests stayed for more fun!
Enjoy the photos below. I had a hard time choosing which ones to post!

Sivashna, the beautiful bride!

Guys goofing around!

On the suspension bridge!

Going to the local temple.

Under the Bodi tree.

The bride and her maids at the temple.

Funny face!

Sivashna & Sudath in the shade of the Bodi tree.

Off to play cricket in the paddy.

Boys will be boys!

A hit!

Sudath is ready!

He misses!

At the petrol station!

Having fun!

The crowd awaiting the bride and groom!

Here they come.

The traditional drink with flowers.

The Poruwa.

The couple on the Poruwa.

Got the coconut shot!

The married couple.

Traditional oil lamp.

Yummy looking cake!

The dancers with the couple.

More dancing.

The couple leaves the celebration via a tuk tuk!

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