Saturday, April 19, 2014

Without my BFF!

April 17--
Toby went to a dog boarder today and I feel like I’ve lost my BFF. Both Lipton and I were sad when we dropped him off and pulled out of the boarder’s driveway. I even cried.
He’s being boarded because we have three weddings in a row and no one to take care of Toby while we work.
I ended up staying home from one of the weddings, as the couple didn’t want to pay for another dinner for our 5-member crew. It was all right with me, as I hadn’t planned on going to the wedding because of the Toby problem. Once we found a good boarder, the bride had already decided to accept the crew of 4. So, I’m finding myself in a big house all alone. I move in my chair and usually Toby gets up on his feet to move with me, but now he’s not here to shadow me. I didn’t want to finish my kimbula bun (a sugar-coated sweet bun) for breakfast and so I was going to toss it to Toby – but no Toby.
It will probably be like this the whole day and then at bedtime when Toby takes more than half the bed, that’s when I’ll miss him the most. I sound like one of those little old ladies with 45 cats, but Toby has been my shadow and BFF for going on 9 years now and he is MISSED! Even if it’s just for a couple of days.
Two days later…
The wedding in Gampha went wonderfully, except it was hotter than the Moave Desert and as humid as a bathroom shower, after the shower! Team ShadeTree was knackered by the end, but Lipton and I weren’t so badly off that we couldn’t go pick up our Toby.
We both thought he’d be overwhelmed from seeing us, but Toby came running out of the cage and greeted us briefly and then took a 3-minute pee. As if he’d been in the cage too long. After running around the boarder’s garden, he greeted us both, but was more interested in having his freedom. What’s up? we wondered.
The big lug was happy to see his own home and got a lavish bath from Lipton before he was let free to wander the house. At bedtime, he knew just where to go and he seemed super happy to sleep in his own bed…meaning my bed!
We’re not excited about boarding him again. Maybe next out-of-town wedding we’ll take him with us, or one of us will stay home! And after the heat and the length of yesterday’s wedding, that someone will be ME!

Toby hears us!

Waiting patiently for his release.

A quick hello.

Then a 3-min pee! No, he doesn't lift his leg,
He pees like a girl.
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