Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sizzlin’ Hot n’ Happy!

Yesterday Lipton did a portrait shoot for the famous lead singer of the band Flame, and ex-DJ for Real Radio, Raajnie Anne Jayamanne. She’s one of our favorite subjects. A real sizzler!

Although portraits are my all-time favorite shoots, I kept out of the way because Anne and Lipton have a special chemistry on camera and so, I let them go at it! I should have been working on LucysBuzz but I was too busy editing photos and got caught up in that vortex of details.

For the last month, Lipton has been working on short videos of people dancing to the Pharrell Williams song ‘Happy’. It’s been such fun and Anne definitely wanted to join in and do a ‘Happy Dance!’ I’ve done two and they are addictive – I want Lipton to showcase ME! But alas, it’s going to showcase everyone and anyone. It’ll go up on our Facebook page as soon as it’s done! Watch this space.

Until then you can check out these still shots of Anne dancing, and some from Lipton’s portrait shoot with her!

Lipton's photos of super sexy Anne!

Lipton dancing the Happy Dance.
Toby's wondering what's going on!

Going for it!

The pair of Happy Dancers!

Lipton filming Anne.

Go girl!

Dancing in 5" heels!

Wonder what the neighbours thought!

That's a wrap!

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